Naples Nantucket Yacht Group provides fully bespoke luxury yacht charter experiences that range from low-key and sublime, to the truly extraordinary.

Everything from selecting the perfect yacht and planning the itinerary, to the cuisine and activities you’ll enjoy are carefully customized to fully meet and exceed your expectations.

Explore our collection of luxury yachts available for charter in Naples and South Florida, The Bahamas, or inquire about any vessel available for charter, anywhere around the globe.

Of course, you’re always welcome to supply your own food and beverages for your charter, but we also offer several other options. If you like, we can take care of your provisioning beforehand, so that everything is onboard prior to your arrival.

We also have several local catering companies that we work with. You place the order with them and we arrange the delivery of your order to the boat before departure.

Depending on the vessel you charter, we can arrange a personal chef to be onboard during your charter (at extra cost), or, if you prefer, the chef can prepare your meal ahead of time and we’ll deliver it to the boat.

Fractional yacht ownership is a unique and increasingly popular alternative that allows individuals to enjoy the luxury yacht lifestyle without the full financial and logistical commitments associated with owning an entire vessel.

This innovative concept has increased in popularity among luxury yacht aficionados, offering a range of benefits that make it an attractive option for those who desire the freedom and prestige of yachting without the burdens of traditional ownership.

Here’s the deal: You get to enjoy all of the fun aboard your favorite yacht as often as you like..and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Keeping a luxury yacht in “Bristol Condition” and ready to cast off  at a moment’s notice can amount to a full-time job, with all of the ensuing headaches and hassles that can quickly turn the dream of yacht ownership into a nightmare.

Why not leave all of the details and chores to us, so that you can just enjoy the cruise! 

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