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Elite yachting membership

YACHTSCAPES” is a truly unique opportunity to enjoy all of the benefits of luxury yacht ownership, while providing flexibility as well as a cap on the amount of financial outlay committed to your yachting life. Owning a multi-million dollar yacht not only requires millions of dollars, but also requires management and upkeep of that yacht (generally 10% of the yachts original cost annually on the average) as well as the cost of depreciation (20% year one and 5% in consecutive years).

"YACHTSCAPES" provides its Member’s access to a fleet of yachts for five years for less than the cost of one yacht and in cases of the larger yachts less than the depreciation cost alone.


Cost of Membership: $500,000

  • Term: 5 years
  • Point Equivalent: 500
  • Payment Terms: $250,000 at time of contract / $250,000 on or before Jan 1,2021
  • Annual Membership Dues: $25,000

Comparison of Cost of Individual Ownership

  • 2017 95’ Sunseeker = $6,000,000
  • Annual Ownership cost = $700,000
  • Depreciation over 5 years = $1,500,00

Cost of ownership over 5 years = $5,000,000


Cost of YACHTSCAPES over 5 years = $625,000

Maintenance as well depreciation in some cases can substantially exceed these estimated averages and are an unknown to any yacht owner.

How Membership works

100 points per year allowed but you may roll over points if not used in a particular year. You can not roll over points over multiple years (can’t use all 

500 points in year 5 for example).

You can you gift your points to family and friends although at a different point value.

Each yacht has a different point value - 


95’ Sunseeker - 10 points/ Day

72’ Azimut - 7 points / Day

66’ Sunseeker - 6 points / Day

52’ Sunseeker - 5 points / Day 

48’ Sea Ray - 3 points / Day

On Dock Events on 95’ Sunseeker - 3 

Hour private event - 4 points / Event

Crew billed at $300/ Crew Member plus a $400 cleaning charge.

Costs of Provisions, Transient Dockage, Fuel & Gratuity are additional expenses which will be billed on Monthly Member Statement.